By: Dr. Christopher Lim
Posted on: August 27, 2019

A dentist often advises patients to reduce the amount of sugar they eat or make sure they brush and floss their teeth after consumption. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that sugar in liquids that many babies and toddlers drink can also have a devastating effect on their oral health and wellness. Dr. Christopher Lim, a children’s dentist in the Las Vegas area, often advises parents on the dangers of bottle caries.

Bottle caries can occur in infants and children. It happens when parents give a child a bottle for naptime or bedtime with milk or juice. The child drinks the bottle and then falls asleep for several hours, allowing the sugar to remain on the teeth and contribute to the development of cavities. When children are given bottles at bedtime, it often results in what pediatric dentists refer to as bottle caries.

Another reason cavities form at an early age is parents give their child a pacifier that has been dipped in honey or sugar. This increases the chances of the child developing cavities because it adds sugars to the teeth and gums.

Bottle caries can be completely avoided. Parents can put their child down for naps and bedtime without a bottle. However, if children are soothed by a bottle at bedtime, a bottle of water will be just fine. Milk and fruit juices have sugar content that can be a problem when it comes to maintaining a child’s dental health in the early stages. Parents can also ask their child’s dentist about how to clean the teeth and gums to reduce the chances of caries. This may include using a warm washcloth to wipe down the gums and teeth throughout the day.

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