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Affordable teeth whitening in one office visit or for take-home use available from Las Vegas dentist

Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas, Beautiful White Teeth

One day, you look in the mirror and the smile shining back at you isn’t as bright as it once was. That is the perfect time to consider teeth whitening. The process is easy and economical with affordable teeth whitening services available from Hillside Dental in Las Vegas. Dr. Christopher Lim and his competent staff are available to advise you on options to whiten teeth, as well as, answer any questions you may have. Taking a glance into teeth whitening choices can be quite overwhelming. To obtain the ideal outcome, teeth whitening should be pursued with professional help. This will yield the most reliable results and provide an overall positive experience.


For a more instantaneous Hollywood smile, we offer teeth whitening in our office setting. Many patients choose this process because all the work is performed by professionals. No guesswork or inconvenience, just a relaxing visit with beautiful results. This particular treatment uses stronger whitening agents because it is administered by trained dental staff. We discuss your concerns, as well as your goals for treatment before we begin the procedure. This allows us to give you the level of whitening with which you’re comfortable.


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Some prefer less striking or more gradual results. If you’re one of these patients, we also offer a take-home system, with customized treatment trays. As with the in-office procedure, you don’t have to wonder about the quality of these products or worry about unpredictable results. We provide all the information and materials needed to obtain your most dazzling smile in the comfort of your own home. This system is desirable for those who like to maintain their whitest smile all the time. You can use this system as often as you would like for a higher degree of whitening or for maintenance. When you choose our whitening services, you can be assured of superior quality products compared to over-the-counter brands.


As a patient of whitening services from Hillside Dental, you will be treated to a personalized experience. We are constantly expanding our education and investigating the most innovative products and services. This is how we are able to deliver exceptional comfort and outcomes. We want to make each encounter a positive experience to encourage you to return to Dr. Lim for all your dental care. Allow us to keep you smiling your most radiant smile.

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About Dr. Christopher Lim

Dr Christopher Lim D.M.D., Dentist in Las Vegas
Dr. Christopher Lim is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and possesses a Doctorate in Dental Medicine. As a professional and keen health care practitioner, Dr Lim is passionate on creating healthy, beautiful smiles for his patients. His primary focus is centered on providing his patients with the best gentle, compassionate care utilizing the latest proven techniques available.

Whilst being a qualified and reputed dentist, Dr. Lim is well known for his passionate and attentive nature regarding his clients’ needs. His refined skills allows for the retention and development of natural beauty in any work that is undertaken.