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Las Vegas dentist successful in correcting misaligned teeth with comfortable alternative to metal braces

Correcting Misaligned Teeth Las Vegas - Treatment Options in Correcting Misaligned teeth in Las Vegas

Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental has achieved great success in correcting misaligned teeth for teens and adults in his Las Vegas dental practice using Invisalign technology. Patients are pleased to have this alternative to wire and metal braces for mild to moderate orthodontic needs. Invisalign is considered by some to be clear braces, but that is not really an accurate representation.

Invisalign does its work through a series of alignment trays that are custom designed for each patient. Dr. Lim has been extensively trained as an Invisalign provider, allowing Hillside Dental patients to receive this treatment from their trusted dental provider. During a consultation, Dr. Lim will assess patients’ oral health, orthodontic goals, and a variety of other factors to determine if they are a good candidate for Invisalign. Once this has been decided, x-rays, impressions, and photographs will be taken to be used in designing a patient’s treatment trays.

Dr. Lim will determine how to achieve the alignment goals for the patient, and a series of trays is crafted for this purpose. When patients begin Invisalign therapy, they will be instructed on how to advance through the treatment trays to achieve gradual improvements. Only limited visits to the dentist’s office will be required to be sure treatment is progressing as planned. For best results, trays should be worn at all times, except when eating, drinking, performing oral hygiene, and very brief instances for special occasions. This is usually not a problem anyway, because the pieces are very comfortable for a patient, and virtually unnoticeable by others.

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Not all orthodontic issues can be treated using the Invisalign System. Those deemed appropriate for this therapy, however, can enjoy a more comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing solution to teeth alignment issues. The financial investment and length of treatment is generally comparable to that of traditional braces. To determine if Invisalign could help you improve the image conveyed by your smile, call and schedule a personal consultation. You may find a more pleasant solution than you imagined possible to improve your smile, in an environment you know and trust at Hillside Dental.

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About Dr. Christopher Lim

Dr Christopher Lim D.M.D., Dentist in Las Vegas
Dr. Christopher Lim is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and possesses a Doctorate in Dental Medicine. As a professional and keen health care practitioner, Dr Lim is passionate on creating healthy, beautiful smiles for his patients. His primary focus is centered on providing his patients with the best gentle, compassionate care utilizing the latest proven techniques available.

Whilst being a qualified and reputed dentist, Dr. Lim is well known for his passionate and attentive nature regarding his clients’ needs. His refined skills allows for the retention and development of natural beauty in any work that is undertaken.