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What are the side effects of gum disease and how can a deep gum cleaning in Las Vegas help?

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When patients visit Hillside Dental in Las Vegas, their dentist, Dr. Christopher Lim, will reiterate the importance of quality dental hygiene at home. This includes brushing and flossing the teeth to keep plaque, tartar, and bacteria from forming on the surfaces of the teeth and gums. This reduces the likelihood of conditions such as cavities and periodontal disease.


Periodontal disease is a serious condition that is generally avoidable. Also known as gum disease, this condition can result in permanent damage to the smile. Dr. Christopher Lim and his team ensure patients understand how this condition can negatively impact one’s oral health. The side effects of gum disease may include shrinking gum tissue, lost bone structure, and loose or lost teeth. Extensive work must be done to control the condition, even though it can never be cured once it has developed. Both cavities and periodontal disease are avoidable as long as patients take the time to care for their smile –but when they begin to miss dental appointments or fail to maintain their oral health, they are putting themselves at risk.

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Professional cleaning of the teeth on a regular basis is a wonderful way to keep the smile healthy. Patients who visit the dentist every six months for an examination will also enjoy a thorough cleaning. This is necessary even for patients who are careful about brushing and flossing their teeth thoroughly several times a day. There are some areas of the smile that are difficult to reach and can develop problems. We have the ability to reach areas patients cannot and provide a more thorough result.


Patients are urged to visit their dentist regularly and maintain good oral health habits at home. This reduces the risk of developing periodontal disease or cavities. At Hillside Dental, we want our patients to enjoy their dental visits and understand their importance. By calling 702-666-8584, patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Lim and his dedicated team of professionals. His practice is located in Las Vegas at 6090 South Fort Apache Road, Suite 120.

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