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What are the reasons to find dental implant treatment near me in Las Vegas?

Dental Implant near Me in Las Vegas - Tooth Restoration Las Vegas

One of the most important aspects of our health and wellbeing is the smile. Teeth are necessary not only for a healthy smile but also for functionality in digestion and for the support of facial contours. Teeth and gums are receptive to a number of factors, some of which can cause uncomfortable problems and even tooth loss. In the instance of tooth loss or necessary removal, the focus of care shifts to finding a suitable replacement. Some people question the necessity of tooth replacement based on the location of the missing tooth. Others will wonder, “Why seek dental implant care near me?” In our Las Vegas dental office, we are happy to discuss options for tooth replacement, providing details that will help patients choose the treatment best suited to their needs.

Historically, tooth loss has been addressed with rather temporary solutions. Before the development of dental implants, the extent of treatment was replacing the visible part of the tooth. What early science missed was the fact that natural teeth are stabilized by roots and, therefore, root replacement would be necessary if tooth replacement were to reach its maximum potential. Since dental implants have become widely available, more men and women are finding their way back to oral health and confidence.

There are a number of advantages to dental implant treatment, including:

  • Comfortable functionality. Standard forms of tooth replacement, including dentures and fixed bridgework, rely on unnatural factors for stability. The fixed bridge must be anchored to two healthy teeth. A denture is only stabilized by suction between the gums and the denture. Neither scenario is ideal. Stabilized in the jawbone just like natural teeth, implants function without rubbing, slipping, or falling out.
  • Replication of natural anatomy. Implant treatment is performed with the intent of replicating natural oral structure. Because of placing an artificial root to stabilize the appropriate restoration, the smile looks and feels very natural. A variety of foods can be enjoyed and speaking and smiling can be done with full confidence.
  • Facial support. One of the least talked-about aspects of dental implant care is the maintenance of healthy facial contours. A person who has worn dentures for several years can be quickly identified through traits such as lips and cheeks that sink inward. The reason this develops even though teeth have been replaced is that bone tissue has continually broken down in the absence of roots. When the roots are replaced, the resorption of bone tissue is slowed to such an extent that many people never develop that sunken in appearance.
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