By: Dr. Christopher Lim
Posted on: September 19, 2019

Patients interested in repairing specific areas of their smile may benefit from visiting a restorative dentist in the Southwest Las Vegas area. Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental is committed to assisting new and existing patients in addressing many dental concerns including breakage, repair, and replacement of the natural teeth. He provides a wide range of services in his state-of-the-art practice for those interested in restoring their smile and rejuvenating their appearance!

Dental Bridges
Bridges are wonderful replacements for missing teeth. These restorations are comprised of both false teeth and crowns and are bonded over the surrounding teeth to keep the structure in place. These are great alternatives to dental implants and dentures.

Dental Crowns
Crowns can cover and repair natural teeth while also offering an extra layer of protection for teeth that may have been broken or weakened. Dental crowns are made of porcelain and look like natural teeth, allowing them to blend in with the existing teeth without standing out as a dental repair.

Full and partial dentures are offered by Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental in Southwest Las Vegas. Both are ways of restoring function and beauty to the smile after tooth loss.

Dental Implants
Considered the “gold standard” in restorative dentistry, dental implants can be placed and restored with dental crowns to replace teeth which are missing within the smile. Dental implants are permanent and can last a lifetime, holding their value better than any restorative solution available.

Root Canal Therapy
When infection, abscesses, or disease reaches the inner dental pulp of a natural tooth, it can result in pain and inflammation. Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that allows the dentist to go into the inside of the tooth and remove the infection and pulp to bring the tooth back to health. This essentially deadens the tooth but allows patients to avoid the need for extraction.

Replacement of Old Dental Work
When old restorations are broken down or need to be replaced, Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental can help. He can remove the old dental work and replace them with high-quality restorations such as those listed above to allow patients to build their confidence and feel better about the way their smile looks and functions.

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