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Endodontic treatment in Southwest Las Vegas restores health and beauty of a tooth

Endodontic treatment in Southwest Las Vegas | Endodontics Las Vegas NV

When a tooth becomes painful, it is a warning sign that something is wrong. These instances should be dealt with promptly to prevent further damage. Pain may result from a cracked or broken tooth. In some instances, it may be from decay. Other times, it is the result of severe infection inside the tooth; in the pulp chamber. There are two options to remedy an infected tooth – extraction or root canal. A root canal is usually preferred by the dentist because it maintains the overall structure of the tooth. This benefits oral health and preserves tooth function.

Signs to watch for that may indicate a tooth infection include:

  • Sensitivity of the tooth to hot or cold
  • Throbbing pain in a tooth
  • Swelling of the gums around a tooth
  • Pain when pressure is placed on the tooth, as in chewing

In an endodontic treatment, or a root canal, the doctor accesses the pulp by making a hole through the top of the tooth. The pulp area extends into the canals in the roots of the tooth, hence the name. This is the location of the “life” of the tooth containing all the nerves and the source of nourishment. Knowing this, it is easy to understand why an affected tooth can be so painful. The positive result of a root canal is it will relieve the pain and pressure radiating from inside the tooth. Careful attention is given to ensure the patient a painless experience. The infected contents of the pulp chamber are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleansed. Medicine may be placed in the chamber for a period of time to completely clear any infection. When the treatment is complete, the dentist will seal off the chamber and then either restore with a filling or a crown to fully restore aesthetics, as well.

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Any persistent or severe discomfort from a tooth should be evaluated by the dentist promptly. Ignoring an infected tooth could ultimately lead to tooth loss or allow infection to spread beyond the tooth to gums and even bone tissue. Residents in and around Southwest Las Vegas are encouraged to call Hillside Dental for an appointment, and allow Dr. Christopher Lim to conduct a professional evaluation. With compassion and expertise, he will advise you of the best solution to restore the health and beauty of your smile.

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About Dr. Christopher Lim

Dr Christopher Lim D.M.D., Dentist in Las Vegas
Dr. Christopher Lim is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and possesses a Doctorate in Dental Medicine. As a professional and keen health care practitioner, Dr Lim is passionate on creating healthy, beautiful smiles for his patients. His primary focus is centered on providing his patients with the best gentle, compassionate care utilizing the latest proven techniques available.

Whilst being a qualified and reputed dentist, Dr. Lim is well known for his passionate and attentive nature regarding his clients’ needs. His refined skills allows for the retention and development of natural beauty in any work that is undertaken.