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Root canal therapy demystified by Southwest Las Vegas dentist

Root Canal Southwest Las Vegas Dentist - Root Canal Treatment in Las Vegas - Dentist Las Vegas

“I went to the dentist for a root canal, but I lost my nerve.” It’s an old joke that illustrates a few of the myths surrounding this dental procedure. Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental is the Southwest Las Vegas dentist you can count on for straight answers about root canal therapy. Myth #1 – Treatment is called “a root canal.” The part of a tooth you see is called the crown. It is covered with a hard layer of enamel. Dentin underneath the enamel gives the tooth additional strength. However, the tooth is a living entity with roots that … Continue reading

Dentist in Las Vegas, NV saves natural teeth with dental crowns and caps

Dental Crowns and Caps Las Vegas NV - Restore Broken Tooth Las Vegas - Dentist

Today we can replicate almost anything. Think about that for a moment, though. Is the copy ever quite as good as the original? A photocopy of a photograph? A print of a fine art painting? A home recipe for the Colonel’s original chicken? Modern dentistry is no different. That’s one of the reasons Dr. Christopher Lim and his team at Hillside Dental want to help patients in the Las Vegas, NV area keep as many of their natural teeth as possible, for as long as possible. Dental crowns and caps play an important role in that mission. Anatomy of a … Continue reading

Say goodbye to pain with root canal treatment in South Las Vegas

Root Canal South Las Vegas - Root Canal Therapy Las Vegas - Root Canal

In an ideal situation, we would be able to keep our teeth, gums, and body healthy all the time. The unfortunate fact is that our teeth and gums are susceptible to the many factors that occur both internally and externally. What Dr. Lim wants his patients to know is that oral health does not have to be a complicated matter. Though factors like acidity and sugar play a role in the development of dental problems, there are also preventive measures that your dentist can discuss with you to enjoy a healthier smile. If and when a problem like infection does … Continue reading

We can relieve your pain and save your tooth

Root Canal Cost Las Vegas | Dr Christopher Lim | Las Vegas Dentist

There are times when the unexpected happens with the smile. When this occurs, patients may be dealing with problems such as trauma that causes pain or infection within a tooth. In order to bring the tooth to health, patients may need to have a procedure called root canal therapy performed to save the tooth and avoid having it extracted for relief. Root canal therapy, which some professionals refer to as endodontic therapy, is done to remove the pulp from the tooth and seal it off to avoid extraction and replacement. It is a more desirable than having a dentist remove … Continue reading

Endodontic treatment in Southwest Las Vegas restores health and beauty of a tooth

Endodontic treatment in Southwest Las Vegas | Endodontics Las Vegas NV

When a tooth becomes painful, it is a warning sign that something is wrong. These instances should be dealt with promptly to prevent further damage. Pain may result from a cracked or broken tooth. In some instances, it may be from decay. Other times, it is the result of severe infection inside the tooth; in the pulp chamber. There are two options to remedy an infected tooth – extraction or root canal. A root canal is usually preferred by the dentist because it maintains the overall structure of the tooth. This benefits oral health and preserves tooth function. Signs to … Continue reading

Las Vegas dentist answers, “What is a root canal?” for first-time patients

What is a Root Canal Las Vegas - Top Root Canal Treatment in Las Vegas-Root Canal Options in Las Vegas

For a patient facing a root canal for the first time, it may sound like a frightening experience. Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental in Las Vegas wants to provide an informative answer to the question that will be asked by an endodontic patient, “What is a root canal?” Hearing the facts from a trained professional will help alleviate fears due to misconceptions regarding the procedure. A tooth is made up of two main parts – the crown which is visible above the gum, and the root which supports the tooth going into the bone below the surface. Four different … Continue reading

Las Vegas area dentist describes how endodontics is performed in his practice

Endodontic Specialist Las Vegas Nevada - Root Canal Dentist

Endodontics is a type of dental treatment that is performed to save a natural tooth from being extracted. Endodontic therapy is best known as a root canal procedure. What is root canal therapy? When patients have an infection, inflammation, disease, or abscess in a tooth, it can negatively impact the health of the tooth. Inside of the tooth is what is called the dental pulp. This tissue contains the blood supply and the nerves. When a problem arises within the tooth, it can cause patients to experience pain and discomfort. This brings patients to Hillside Dental for evaluation and in … Continue reading

Visit a dentist of the Las Vegas area who offers endodontics

Endodontics of Las Vegas - Endodontic Therapy

Dr. Christopher Lim at Hillside Dental in Las Vegas encourages patients to be proactive about their dental health and wellness. This means brushing and flossing after every meal and scheduling regular dental visits at least twice a year for cleanings and examinations. However, there are times when problems arise such as an infection in the inner portion of the tooth. At this point, patients need to visit a dentist who offers endodontics. What is endodontics? Endodontics is the treatment of conditions inside of a tooth. Patients may have heard of “endodontic therapy” which is another way of referring to root … Continue reading

Why endodontics may be the best option for Las Vegas, NV patients

Best Endodontics Las Vegas NV - Root Canal Therapy

Patients who are struggling with a diseased or infected tooth are not only dealing with pain. They are also at a point where they need to decide the best treatment for their health. In many instances, when the dental pulp is affected, Las Vegas, NV area patients should consider endodontics. What is endodontics? Endodontics is oral surgery within a tooth. It typically refers to endodontic therapy or “root canals.” The dentist performs a root canal to access the inner portion of the tooth, removing pulp. Dental pulp is a mass of tissues that includes blood supply and nerves. By removing … Continue reading

The benefits of advanced endodontics are available to Las Vegas, NV patients

Advanced Endodontics Las Vegas NV - Endodontics Near Me

The team of Hillside Dental encourages patients to learn more about the various services provided in our practice. From general dentistry solutions to extensive reconstruction, Dr. Christopher Lim has dedicated his career to helping others achieve and maintain healthy smiles. Using the most advanced technology and treatments, patients in the Las Vegas, NV area can undergo endodontics. Endodontics defined Endodontics is focused on root canal therapy. Many patients have heard of root canal procedures but are unsure as to what it entails. Root canal therapy is an oral surgery performed to maintain a natural tooth that has been affected by … Continue reading

Receive root canal therapy in Las Vegas without having to visit an endodontics specialty practice

Endodontics Specialty Las Vegas - Specialist Dentist

Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry that focuses on diseases of the dental pulp and treating them, usually with root canal therapy. However, patients in Las Vegas don’t have to see a specialist, they can visit Dr. Christopher Lim for root canal therapy. What is a “root canal?” A root canal, which is medically known as “root canal therapy,” is an endodontic treatment that is performed to save a tooth that is broken, infected, or diseased. Root canal therapy is performed right in the dental office at Hillside Dental. While many patients fear root canal therapy, it is nothing to … Continue reading

Las Vegas, Nevada endodontic specialist offers root canal therapy

Endodontic Specialist Las Vegas Nevada - Root Canal Dentist

When patients are faced with problems such as diseased or infected teeth, they may require the help of a dental professional to bring the smile back to health. This issue often results in the need for an endodontic specialist, but in the Las Vegas, Nevada area patients can visit Dr. Lim. What is endodontic therapy? Dr. Christopher Lim describes endodontic therapy, or root canal therapy, to maintain the natural teeth even when injury, infection, or disease of the dental pulp occurs. The treatment eliminates the alternative, which is extraction. Root canal therapy is a treatment that requires the dentist to … Continue reading

Your office for endodontics near me in Las Vegas explains why you may need a root canal treatment

Endodontics Near Me Las Vegas - Why Need a Root Canal

Your search for endodontics near me in Las Vegas ends here. Dr. Christopher Lim and the team at Hillside Dental are adept at gently and effectively treating the inside of your tooth (pulp). It’s this soft tissue that is at the heart of why you may need a root canal treatment. The root of the problem Under the hard enamel and dentin parts of our teeth is soft pulp tissue, which contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. This connects the tips of the tooth’s roots to surrounding tissues. It’s vital for proper dental development. But, after a tooth has … Continue reading

Stop tooth pain with restorative endodontics treatment in Las Vegas

Restorative Endodontics Treatment in Las Vegas

Restorative endodontics treatment is also known as root canal therapy. While root canals have generated a bad reputation over time, they are done with anesthesia so you don’t feel pain while you undergo the procedure, and they will provide you tremendous relief from infected tooth pain when the procedure is complete. Dr. Lim and his associates at Hillside Dental offer comfortable, effective pain relief through endodontics treatment in Las Vegas. When root canal treatment is needed When cavities or tooth decay are untreated and progress beyond the outer layers of the tooth, the bacteria can start to infiltrate the inner … Continue reading