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Patients in 89148 area wonder, “How can a dentist restore my smile with implants?”

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When you’re young, losing a tooth is an exciting adventure. You get a visit from the tooth fairy and a few shiny quarters along with the promise of a permanent adult tooth in its place. Unfortunately, those adult teeth are not always permanent. Teeth can be lost to decay due to poor brushing habits, disease, and even trauma such as sports injuries. Losing a tooth happens to many adults in the 89148 area; it does not have to be an embarrassing event. With dental implants from your dentist, Dr. Lim at Hillside Smiles, you don’t have to live with that … Continue reading

Restorative dental services offered by Southwest Las Vegas dentist

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Patients interested in repairing specific areas of their smile may benefit from visiting a restorative dentist in the Southwest Las Vegas area. Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental is committed to assisting new and existing patients in addressing many dental concerns including breakage, repair, and replacement of the natural teeth. He provides a wide range of services in his state-of-the-art practice for those interested in restoring their smile and rejuvenating their appearance! Dental Bridges Bridges are wonderful replacements for missing teeth. These restorations are comprised of both false teeth and crowns and are bonded over the surrounding teeth to keep … Continue reading

How a southwest Las Vegas Dentist can help you achieve a whiter smile

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Who wouldn’t love a brighter whiter smile? Years of enjoying beverages like coffee and red wine, or indulging in chocolate or delicious pasta with marinara sauce can leave you with a dull smile. Many patients rush to their local drug store to grab teeth whitening products that promise to bleach teeth. Other people may believe that increasing the amount of times they brush their teeth per day can somehow remove the discoloration. Unfortunately, brushing alone will not make teeth brighter or whiter, and drug store products usually leave people feeling dissatisfied, and can even increase tooth sensitivity or damage enamel. … Continue reading

General dentist in Las Vegas proudly offers dentistry for the whole family!

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A general dentist provides services that can improve the health of the smile. Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental in Las Vegas, NV is a quality dentist who helps patients of all ages! He offers family services for children and adults and can help patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles with preventative and general dental care. What is a general dentist? A general dentist focuses on basic quality dental care. This includes cleanings, examinations, x-rays, and fillings. These are the fundamentals of comprehensive dental care that set the foundation for better oral health for years to come. When children see the … Continue reading

Las Vegas, NV dentist offers surgical and simple tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction Las Vegas from Dr. Christopher Lim, Hillside Dental

When patients are preparing their smiles for orthodontics, they need to speak to a professional in Las Vegas, NV about tooth extraction. Tooth extraction may also be required when patients have overcrowding or are experiencing impacted wisdom teeth. These are common situations in which patients may need to visit a dentist to discuss tooth extraction to prepare the smile for various procedures such as full dentures. Types of extractions Dr. Christopher Lim offers the two primary methods of extractions, including: Simple extractionsSurgical extractions Simple Dental Extractions Simple dental extractions are the removal of teeth that have already passed through the … Continue reading

Find a local dentist in the Las Vegas, NV area

Tooth Extraction Las Vegas from Dr. Christopher Lim, Hillside Dental

If you have been looking for a local dentist in Las Vegas, NV who offers a variety of treatments for patients of all ages, we encourage you to book an appointment with Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental. Dr. Christopher Lim and his staff have committed themselves to providing a wide range of dental solutions. He offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry options. General – General dentistry includes many of the common procedures done at a dental office. This includes cleanings, examinations, x-rays, fillings, and periodontal disease treatments such as scaling and root planing. Dr. Christopher Lim assesses the health … Continue reading

Dental treatment in the Las Vegas, NV area

Dental treatment in the Las Vegas, NV area is easy with the help of Dr. Christopher Lim, Hillside Dental

Getting dental treatments in Las Vegas is easy with the help of Hillside Dental. Dr. Christopher Lim and his staff work closely with both children and adults to achieve and maintain oral health. Dental treatments may include general, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry. Our practice provides the following services to patients: Dental implants – restore missing teeth with the placement and restoration of dental implantsInvisalign – correct misaligned smiles quickly without the use of traditional braces by considering smile alignment with Invisalign traysFillings – address areas of tooth decay with tooth-colored dental fillings Dental bonding – use composite resin bonding to … Continue reading

Find the ‘nearest dentist office to me’ in Las Vegas, NV

Dental treatment in the Las Vegas, Dr. Christopher Lim, Hillside Dental

Patients in Las Vegas, NV searching for the “nearest dentist’s office to me” need search no more! At Hillside Dental, Dr. Christopher Lim and his staff are committed to offering patients general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to provide them with healthy, beautiful smiles for life! New patients are always welcome and are excited to learn about all he can provide! Dental services Dr. Christopher Lim proudly offers a wide selection of dental services in Las Vegas, including, but not limited to: Cosmetic dentistry – enhancing the smile is easy with affordable, natural-looking aesthetic dental work. From veneers to dental … Continue reading

Dentist near me in Las Vegas, Nevada who offers affordable dental treatments

Dr. Christopher Lim at Hillside Dental is the best dentist near you in Las Vegas, Nevada who offers affordable dental treatments

Patients in the Las Vegas, Nevada area seeking a dentist “near me” who offers affordable solutions for the smile are encouraged to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Lim at Hillside Dental. His practice is equipped with the latest to provide a wide selection of services to patients looking for treatments that are low-cost yet high quality. What dental services are available? Dr. Christopher Lim proudly offers patients a selection of services including: General – when patients are interested in caring for the health of the smile, they are urged to consider “general” dentistry. General dentistry includes preventative measures to … Continue reading

Want To Know If Teeth Whitening Works And If The Cost Is Worth It? This Dentist In Las Vegas Can Help!

want to know if teeth whitening works and if the cost is worth it? this dentist in las vegas can help!

In today’s world of selfies and group pictures on social media, we all want our smile to look its best. Your smile shows the world who you are. If you feel that your smile isn’t telling the truth about who you are, Hillside Dental, serving the Las Vegas area, can help! Dr. Christopher Lim considers dentistry a blend of artistry and innovative dental procedures designed to give you a healthy and beautiful smile. If you are searching for a teeth whitening dentist, or even just want more information about the service, we encourage you to give us a call! HOW WHITENING WORKS … Continue reading