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Types of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea in Las Vegas, NV with Dr. Christopher Lim

When Las Vegas, NV area patients have been diagnosed with conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, they may be told by their primary care physician that the best type of treatment is using the CPAP machine. A CPAP machine is a bulky device with a mask that is worn at night to help open up the airways and maintain open airways while patients sleep. Unfortunately, many patients do not comply with treatment because the mask is uncomfortable, and the device is difficult to travel with. In situations such as this, patients are urged to visit their dentist for a solution.

What is obstructive sleep apnea?

It is best for patients to first understand how obstructive sleep apnea works. This is a sleeping disorder that is caused by a blockage in the airways. It results from excess fat around the neck, a tongue that falls back into the throat during sleep, or from poor alignment of the jaw. All of these can contribute to blockages, which cause patients to stop breathing – sometimes hundreds of times in one night. It can also result in excessive snoring, which can be bothersome to sleep partners. Dr. Christopher Lim is a Las Vegas, NV area dentist who is proud to offer an alternative solution for patients to consider when they have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea: oral appliance therapy.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment Las Vegas NV

Oral appliance therapy explained

The best way to explain oral appliance therapy is similar to that of wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards are sometimes used in high impact sports to protect the teeth. However, an oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea works differently. It is used to hold down the tongue, align the jaw, and keep the airways open while patients sleep to ensure the condition does not impact their rest. For patients to feel rejuvenated each morning, they need to reach the restorative levels of sleep called REM. When patients have obstructive sleep apnea, they often can’t reach this stage and wake up in the morning still feeling groggy and tired. They may experience symptoms including:

  • Daytime fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Headaches
  • Chronic snoring

An oral appliance can keep the airways open and help patients reach REM sleep, avoiding the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea and in turn, improving the day-to-day quality of life for patients.

Why choose oral appliance therapy?

Oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea is simple, easy, and comfortable. The oral appliance is worn when patients sleep and is smooth and comfortable. The appliance can be easily cared for and cleaned after each use and can be stored. It is easier to travel with than a CPAP machine, making it great for patients routinely on-the-go. Additionally, wearing the oral appliance is not embarrassing, as CPAP machines can be for adult patients. Compliance with treatment improves greatly when patients are given an option that does not involve a noisy, bulky machine.

Who is a candidate for oral appliance therapy?

Sleep Apnea Treatment Las Vegas NV

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, you could benefit from oral appliance therapy as an alternative treatment. Once you have received a proper diagnosis from your primary care physician, you are welcome to visit Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental to find out if oral appliance therapy is appropriate for you. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that there is an affordable, effective, and comfortable alterative that can be used to treat a condition that you once thought could only be addressed with the use of a CPAP machine. It may be time to ditch your device and enjoy use of a dental appliance instead!

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If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and are unhappy with the CPAP treatment recommended by your primary physician, we recommend you connect with the team of Hillside Dental to determine if oral appliance therapy is right for you. We can assess your condition and make recommendations as to how to treat your condition to improve your overall quality of life. Contact Dr. Christopher Lim by calling 702-666-8584 to make an appointment at the dental office located at 6090 South Fort Apache Road, Suite 120 in Las Vegas, NV.

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