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The best option for patients in the Las Vegas area who want to improve alignment of their smiles may be Invisalign

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The smile’s alignment can affect many things. Not only does it have a negative impact on appearance, but it can also affect functionality. Poor bite alignment is a concern, as it can cause wear and tear on the teeth. Overbite, under bite, and cross-bite should be addressed with orthodontic treatment whenever possible. Spaces between teeth, crooked teeth, and even overcrowded teeth can be improved with the assistance of a quality dental staff in the Las Vegas area. One of the best ways for patients to address these issues without the need for traditional orthodontics is with Invisalign treatment.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign is a method of orthodontia that improves the alignment of the dental arch (including the bite) with the use of clear aligner trays. This is much different from the traditional metal brackets and wires. Many patients choose Invisalign because it is discreet. The concept of covering the smile with metal is often a big deterrent for patients who are concerned about the appearance of their teeth during treatment. Invisalign eliminates this issue and addresses it with clear aligners. These trays are worn day and night and switched out every two weeks for gradual improvement.

Who is a candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is best for patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the dental arch or bite. Patients must also understand the importance of compliance. Without wearing the trays day and night, patients will not see the results they desire. This can also cause patients to require additional trays and longer treatment times, which in turn may result in additional costs. When patients comply with treatment, they will see the changes expected within the specified timeframe.

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Find out if Invisalign is the best treatment for your smile by scheduling a consultation visit with the team of Hillside Dental. Dr. Christopher Lim and his staff can walk patients through the process of enhancing their smiles with improved alignment.

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