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Characteristics to look for in a Las Vegas cosmetic dentist

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Cosmetic Dentist Las Vegas, Smiling Woman With Great Teeth
Las Vegas is home to some of the most beautiful people in the world; women and men who strive to keep every aspect of their appearance faultless. Cosmetic dental care plays a big role in that process. Are you looking for a dentist in the 89148 zip code area? Then you'll want to find a cosmetic dentist who offers the treatments you need and administers them with the eye of an artist. Dr. Christopher Lim and his aesthetic team at Hillside Dental have been painting gorgeous Las Vegas smiles since 2005.

Sometimes it seems like every southwest Las Vegas dentist calls him- or herself a cosmetic dentist. It's important to understand that “cosmetic dentistry” is not a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association. Rather, it describes the dentist's willingness and capability to deliver treatment intended to improve the appearance of patients' smiles.

Every licensed dentist in Nevada is required to have core training including a bachelor's degree and graduation from four years of dental school (with 2 years of clinical training). Here are some additional traits to look for in selecting a cosmetic dentist whose work rises above average.

Outstanding clinical skills: Dentistry is precise work, and no where is that more evident than with cosmetic procedures like creating and placing delicate porcelain veneers or moving teeth into correct alignment with Invisalign. Your cosmetic dentist should have training, experience, and a natural inclination to enjoy getting the finest details perfect.

Continuing education: Dentistry is a fast-evolving field. New materials, techniques, and equipment are introduced every day. Does your dentist get only the number of hours of continuing education required for licensure? Or is an investment in education and technology evident? If you're not sure, don't be afraid to ask!

Passion: No amount of academic skill or years of experience can replace passion for dentistry. A cosmetic dentist, especially, must ardently pursue beauty in the work. If you don't hear this in his voice when the dentist is explaining a procedure, reconsider.

Sensitivity: Patients can be anxious about dental treatment, whether that care is preventive, restorative, or an elective aesthetic procedure. A really good dentist is sensitive to worries about discomfort, outcome, budget, and scheduling. He addresses those concerns with a gentle touch.

Artistry: Every dental procedure has an element of artistry. If you need a simple filling or a full set of Lumineers, you of course want the result to look lovely. That requires a natural eye for color and symmetry.

Dr. Christopher Lim invites you contact him to discuss what you are looking for in a cosmetic dentist. Call Hillside Dental in Las Vegas at 702-895-7799 to schedule a consultation.