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How porcelain veneers are changing Las Vegas smiles

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Porcelain Veneers Las Vegas, Amazing Smile
It's natural to find beauty in symmetry – the evenly spaced pickets of a wrought - iron fence, the perfectly matched color of pearls on a strand, the unflawed surface of a placid lake, or the similar curves of oranges in a bowl. This equilibrium is soothing to the human eye. Symmetry can be the difference between an attractive smile, and an all-out gorgeous one. Dr. Christopher Lim and his aesthetic team at Hillside Dental are transforming smiles throughout the southwest Las Vegas area with porcelain veneers.

The basics of porcelain veneers

A veneer is a thin layer of strong, translucent porcelain that reflects light in a very similar manner to tooth enamel. It is precisely shaped to fit over the exterior surface of a front tooth. Dr. Lim prepares the tooth by removing a tiny amount of surface enamel so that the veneer fits snugly and looks natural. Then it is bonded into place. After an initial consultation to be sure veneers are your best option and that your mouth is in good condition, the process usually takes just two appointments.

A single tooth may be veneered, or you may opt for a full smile makeover, treating all of the anterior teeth that show when you speak, smile, and laugh.

Veneers are stain resistant and durable, but a little extra care will help them last a long time. Avoid biting directly into very firm foods or chomping on other hard objects like fingernails or pens. Brush after eating, giving a little extra attention to the margin where the veneer meets your gum line. Floss gently but thoroughly before bedtime. If you are a bruxer – you grind or clench your teeth – Dr. Lim may recommend wearing a night guard to protect your veneers from breakage or dislodgement.

When veneers come to the rescue

Porcelain veneers address the four basic symmetry issues that flaw an otherwise stunning smile:
  • Alignment – Sometimes called "instant orthodontics," veneers correct the appearance of minor misalignment. Crooked teeth, gaps, uneven spacing, and mildly twisted teeth disappear in Dr. Lim's artistic hands.
  • Color – Veneers cover stubborn discoloration (such as tetracycline staining) that doesn't respond to professional whitening, and old darkened dental work.
  • Texture – Bumps, pits, grooves, chips, and cracks in tooth enamel mar your smile. Veneers reestablish a smooth, reflective surface.
  • Shape – Some teeth just have an unusual shape, look too short, or become worn down. Dr. Lim uses veneers to restores appealing proportions to each visible tooth.
Are you ready for a smile that transcends "nice," to become "amazing?" Call the dentist who gives the 89148 zip code something to smile about – Dr. Christopher Lim at Hillside Dental. The number is 702-666-8584.