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Your Las Vegas dentist offers safe, effective tooth replacement with dental implants

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No matter how "high profile" your life may be, you will be affected by the appearance of your smile. Research shows that humans have an innate tendency to observe beauty. When meeting others, that observation begins with the smile. The more we have studied our interest in beauty as it relates to the smile, the more we have discovered the power of cosmetic dental treatments. Patients of Hillside Dental have options for safe tooth replacement with dental implants, teeth whitening, and numerous other smile-enhancing services in our comfortable Las Vegas office.

Age and the smile

For hundreds of years, the teeth have been used as an indicator of age. Wear and discoloration are two primary factors that can make the smile and the face look older. Missing teeth will age the smile as well.

Tooth loss has a dramatic effect on the smile and transforms the angles of the face over time. Even if dentures are fabricated to sit on top of the gums, the physical changes may eventually show in the face.

When you think of the structure of your jaw, gums, and teeth, you are most likely to consider how they help you chew and speak. The various oral structures interact in ways that go beyond basic functions. Bone stabilizes teeth and roots hold teeth in place in the jawbone. Additionally, teeth and their roots stimulate regeneration of bone in the jaw. Without teeth and roots, bone tissue does not regenerate properly. Therefore, facial tissues lose some support.

Dental implants for a healthy, beautiful smile

A dental implant is intended to take the place of a missing root. Dr. Lim inserts a single implant to support a crown or bridge. Extensive tooth loss is no problem for our experienced implant dentist. By placing several implants, full dentures can be stabilized.

Hillside Dental offers you the care you need to feel great about your smile. Call 702-666-8584 to see how dental implants can do just that.