Am I a Candidate for Same-day Crowns?

Am I a Candidate for Same-day Crowns?

By: Hillside Dental
Posted on: October 18, 2022

Crowns are ceramic or porcelain caps that dentists put on a tooth when it has begun to decay or has trauma. They help the tooth regain bite strength and the structure necessary to function properly with other teeth. 


Usually, crowns cover the whole tooth, which helps with cosmetic goals. They also help preserve and protect the roots of a tooth from future damage. They usually last about ten years with proper care and work to improve your oral health.


There are two main types of crowns that you can get; they achieve similar goals but differ a little. They are same-day crowns and traditional crowns. Here is what you need to know about the difference between traditional and same-day crowns and if you are a candidate for same-day crowns.


What Are the Differences Between Conventional and Same-day Crowns?


To get a conventional crown, you need at least two visits to the dentist spaced out between several weeks. At the first visit, the dentist takes an impression of your mouth using a mold. The mold is taken to a lab so they can manufacture the crown. You will usually have a temporary cap to cover the tooth during the waiting period.


Same-day crowns are exactly what the name suggests: The crown is made and fitted on the same day. They do not need mold impressions to prepare the crown. Instead, dentists utilize computer technology to complete the whole procedure. The dentist will use a computer to take pictures of your teeth and uses the information to create an impression in 3D using CAD/CAM. 


What Are the Similarities Between Conventional and Same-day Crowns?


In both techniques, the dentist will start by preparing the tooth. They remove the decay and reshape the remaining tooth to fit the crown. Both crowns are made of ceramic material, and dentists design them to blend with your teeth. The dentist might make other minor adjustments before bonding the tooth to ensure a perfect fit.


Which Technology Is Used?


Fitting requires three main technologies utilized by dentistry. The first is CAD, which stands for computer-aided design. The second is CEREC®, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramics, also known as E4D. The third is CAM, which stands for computer-aided manufacturing.

Dentists will use CAD, a software, to create images of your mouth in 3D. CEREC uses laser technology through an infrared camera to capture the precise details of your teeth. The dentist uses CAM to create the crown using the digital image from both these technologies. 


Are You a Candidate?

Most people who qualify for traditional crowns also qualify for same-day crowns. Candidacy will usually involve structural and cosmetic issues that have compromised the strength of a tooth. 


Some of these issues are:


  • Decay

  • Broken teeth

  • Cracked or chipped teeth

  • Wear and tear


One requirement is that the tooth root and structure are intact. If the tooth has decayed, the dentist will first treat the tooth to ensure the decaying does not continue under the new crown. After treating the decay, the dentist will then fit the crown.


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