By: Dr. Christopher Lim
Posted on: August 27, 2019

At Hillside Dental, children and adults in the Las Vegas area have access to quality, comprehensive dental care. Dr. Christopher Lim is a dentist who can provide services to patients of all ages. He provides pediatric care to the youngest of patients to set them up with the proper foundation they need for healthy smiles for life.

For some children, visiting the dentist can be extremely scary. They may have had a negative experience at another dental practice that gives them fear and anxiety when they think about being in the dental chair. Other children are very particular with who they will let into their personal space. Some do not do well with strangers. Any of these issues can surface when a child visits a dentist, and our team is well-prepared to help.

Our practice offers sedation that can help in easing a child’s anxieties. We have safe and effective solutions including nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide can be used for patients of all ages. It is an odorless, colorless gas that is administered through the nose and can provide almost instant relaxation. We monitor the dosage throughout treatment and can adjust as needed to relax the child. Some children get giddy with the administration of nitrous oxide (hence the common term “laughing gas”) while others get relaxed enough to fall asleep. Once treatment is completed, patients are given oxygen to get them back to their normal state. This method of sedation can be used for anxious adults as well. Patients are conscious and aware during their visit and are able to follow instructions and answer questions while sedated.

If you live in the area of Las Vegas and want to find out more about a dentist who provides sedation for children and adults such as nitrous oxide, contact the team of Hillside Dental today to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation. We can determine the needs of our patients to help them achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted!

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