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Tooth colored fillings explained by your cosmetic dentist in Nevada

Tooth Colored Fillings Las Vegas, Teeth Examination

Cavities are a general dental problem, not a cosmetic dental problem. A tooth affected by a cavity can become very sensitive and even infected near the root if treatment is not obtained quickly enough. Dr. Lim encourages his patients to maintain six-month dental check-ups, as this is the best way to stay on top of developments that may affect oral health. When a cavity is detected early, it is possible to avoid pain and costly treatment.


Small cavities can be quickly repaired with dental filling treatment. Dental fillings are placed onto the tooth after all diseased material has been gently removed. For centuries, the standard in filling treatment has been to repair the damaged tooth with an amalgam filling. Dental amalgam is a material that starts out looking silver. In time, however, this type of filling changes color, becoming dark and more obvious in the smile. A skilled cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Lim offers the alternative of tooth-colored composite resin fillings for cavity repair.

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Tooth-colored fillings are completed in a single visit to Hillside Dental. After the area has been numbed with local anesthetic, areas of decay are removed and the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. Composite material is mixed to match natural enamel, and is placed into the cavity. The material is cured with special light, becoming instantly hard for outstanding strength and durability. The results of tooth-colored fillings are beautiful and long lasting.


The primary reason that most people choose tooth-colored dental fillings is appearance. The benefits of composite resin, however, extend beyond natural beauty. While there will be no evidence of tooth repair or damage, an additional benefit of the tooth-colored filling is the strength the tooth gains from this type of care. With an amalgam filling, the tooth must be altered in order to retain the filling material. Because the tooth-colored filling is bonded to tooth structure, only damaged areas are removed. Once bonded into place, the composite resin material actually fortifies natural structure, leading to decades of function.


Patients of Hillside Dental can rest assured knowing that dental care is tailored to their needs. For your consultation with Dr. Lim, call 702-666-8584 .

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