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Are there alternatives to dental bridges near me in Las Vegas?

Are there alternatives to dental bridges near me in Las Vegas?

The loss of a permanent tooth or teeth can be very distressing. If teeth are lost in a highly visible area, the smile is immediately affected. In the back of the mouth, missing teeth can pose significant problems. We need our teeth to chew efficiently and to speak clearly. Teeth also benefit one another by holding proper positions. Due to the wide range of issues that stem from tooth loss, this problem must be handled quickly with the most suitable form of replacement.


Our teeth and gums are affected by a number of different factors and circumstances, all of which could lead to tooth loss. Direct injury may knock a tooth out, or a tooth may need to be extracted due to a severe break or a failed root canal. Dr. Lim and his highly trained team understand just how much tooth loss can affect oral health and quality of life. Our goal is to help our patients experience restored functionality, a healthy appearance, and comfort with dental work designed around their needs.

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For many years, the most common form of treatment to replace one or more teeth was a dental bridge. Dental bridges can be made in a number of models, with the fixed bridge being most popular for the stability it offers. This restoration consists of two quality dental crowns and one or more artificial teeth. These individual restorations are fused together to create the dental bridge. A fixed bridge requires the alteration of the teeth on the outside of the gap, which will stabilize the entire appliance. Though dental bridges can last fifteen years or more, you may wonder, “Are there alternatives near me?”


In the office of Las Vegas dentist Christopher Lim, patients may choose to replace missing teeth with dental implants as a wonderful alternative to bridge work. Dental implants have been a significant improvement in restorative dentistry. The results that are achieved from this implant procedure can last a lifetime, outlasting and outperforming any other type of tooth replacement.


Dental implants go beyond tooth replacement and take the place of missing roots. A dental implant, which is a post inserted into the jawbone, provides the greatest amount of stability and natural function available.


Performed with great precision, customized tooth replacement can beautifully restore your smile. Contact Hillside Dental to give your smile the outstanding care it deserves.

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