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How much could not getting a dental implant in Las Vegas, NV cost your smile?

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Tooth loss seems to be something almost everyone must face at some point in life. However, once you have lost a tooth, leaving gaps in your smile can lead to further tooth loss if you don’t seek restoration. When you are ready to replace your lost teeth, though, how can you know what your best option is? If you choose to get a dental implant in Las Vegas, NV, you could save your smile and save yourself from the cost of even more extensive dental restorations later on.

What happens when you lose a tooth?

The structure of your teeth and gums all work together to give you a strong, healthy smile. So what happens when you lose one of your teeth? Naturally, the structure surrounding that tooth will deteriorate in the tooth’s absence. This means that your jawbone naturally shrinks since it no longer needs to support a tooth’s root, and as a result, your gums will also change, all of which can lead to problems that will cause you to lose even more teeth. Some of these problems include your teeth shifting position, the onset of gum disease, and more exposed tooth structure, which can lead to further dental decay.

How can an implant help?

While other restorative methods can help to slow down this process, dental implants are by far the most natural and permanent solution to tooth loss. Dental implants are the only restoration that replaces your tooth’s root in addition to the crown, which means that they are the only restoration that can restore your smile to a healthy, natural state. The implant will stop your jawbone from deteriorating and the entire restoration will work to keep your other teeth in place and protect your smile from many of the other problems caused by tooth loss.

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If you have lost even one tooth, don’t let the rest of your smile suffer as well. Stop by our office in Las Vegas, NV to find out more about the benefits of implants and discover how much it will cost for you to get a dental implant that could restore your smile to its natural function.

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