By: Dr. Christopher Lim
Posted on: November 04, 2021

Looks are not everything but being happy with your appearance is definitely an essential part of having high self-esteem and confidence. A smile can brighten someone’s day, but if you are self-conscious about your smile due to discolored or stained teeth, you will hesitate to flash a smile at others as you pass by. That is the reason that teeth whitening is essential, not only for your beautiful smile but for your self-esteem and overall health and well-being.

Good oral hygiene, such as brushing your teeth twice every day and seeing your dentist for regular check-ups, is essential to have a healthy mouth, but those things may not prevent your teeth from becoming yellowish or stained. Dr. Christopher Lim and his team at Hillside Dental are ready to assist you in getting back your beautiful smile through a fantastic teeth whitening process. If you have been searching for a dentist for teeth whitening in Las Vegas, look no further than Dr. Lim.


Many people opt to purchase a teeth whitening system over the counter at a store. These systems can damage your teeth’ enamel and ruin your smile even more, so it is better to choose a professional teeth whitening procedure provided by a dental professional. That will be much safer and healthier for your teeth and your mouth as well as your smile.

To get the best results and enjoy a bright and beautiful smile again, you can get the help of the team at Hillside Dental. Dr. Lim uses a professional teeth whitening system in his practice and creates take-home trays to continue the process at home. The customized trays are designed specifically for your teeth and mouth, along with the teeth whitening gel and the instructions on how to use everything properly.

The system used by Dr. Lim has been tested through years of research by scientists and dental professionals. It is not only highly effective in whitening your teeth and giving you back your gorgeous smile, but it is safe for you to use and will not damage your teeth. This process will lighten your teeth several shades but will not cause tooth sensitivity or discomfort.

To get the process of achieving a white and bright smile started, contact Hillside Dental and Dr. Christopher Lim today. Call 702-666-8584 for an appointment!

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