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What is the cost of root canal therapy or endodontics in Las Vegas?

Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental describes what is the cost of root canal therapy or endodontics in Las Vegas

Patients in Las Vegas, NV experiencing pain and discomfort in a natural tooth may be dealing with a cavity. However, this toothache may also be a sign of infection of the dental pulp, which, without effective treatment, could result in the extraction. However, many patients may want to visit with a dentist who has experience in endodontics to undergo root canal therapy. This is a cost-effective alternative to extraction and replacement of missing teeth.

What is root canal therapy?

Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental describes root canal therapy as the process during which the dental pulp from inside the tooth is removed and replaced with a special material to seal the inner portion of the tooth. This addresses the infection of the dental pulp while keeping the tooth structure in place. The entire process is done to keep the patient from requiring extraction.

When might root canal therapy be performed?

  • If a large area of decay has infected the dental pulp
  • If there is inflammation of the dental pulp
  • If there has been injury to the tooth and dental pulp
  • If periodontal disease has affected the dental pulp

Who can provide root canal therapy?

A dentist with training and experience in endodontics is the first line of defense when it comes to treating a tooth that has been affected. Without root canal therapy, patients will have to have the tooth removed and discuss replacement options such as dentures, bridges, and dental implants. These options are available at Hillside Dental. However, it is always best to maintain natural teeth whenever possible instead of moving forward with extraction. This involves a lifelong commitment to the replacement and may also involve extended costs over time for continued replacement and care. Saving the natural tooth structure with root canal therapy is often the best choice for patients.

Learn more about endodontics today!

Root canal therapy and other procedures are readily available for patients at Hillside Dental. Call our facility today to discuss this and many other options for saving natural teeth from extraction. Dr. Christopher Lim can be reached at 702-666-8584.

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