By: Dr. Christopher Lim
Posted on: August 9, 2019

When you think about smile appeal, you probably imagine perfect teeth. However, healthy, pink gums play a big role in the aesthetics of your smile and your overall allure. Dr. Christopher Lim and his team at Hillside Dental focus on preventive dentistry to keep the entire mouth healthy. He shares this information on gum disease and treatment for patients in the southwest Las Vegas area.

How gum disease impacts health and appearance
Hundreds of strains of bacteria exist in the warm, moist environment of your mouth. Some are beneficial, helping to break down food for digestion. Others are harmful. They form a sticky film called plaque that traps bits of food debris. As bacteria feast on sugars and starches, they excrete toxins that irritate soft tissues. Gums become irritated and lose their seal to teeth, as plaque hardens into tartar at the gum line. That allows bacteria to infiltrate deeper, eventually attacking ligaments and bone that hold teeth in place.

Gum disease is obviously a threat to your oral health, but how does it impact attractiveness? In the early stages, called gingivitis, gums become puffy and discolored and bleed easily. Breath is foul. As the condition progresses into periodontitis, yellow, brown, or greenish tartar at the gum line is visible and gums recede making teeth look too long. Eventually teeth fall out or have to be extracted. Then, even relatively healthy teeth become crooked.

Advanced gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults, and it is linked to a host of serious systemic conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Managing gum disease
Prevention and treatment of gum disease begins with a visit to Dr. Lim for a thorough cleaning and examination. The Hillside Dental hygiene team has training and instruments to clean areas you can’t see or reach. They provide hands-on demonstration of proper brushing and flossing technique so you may keep your smile sparkling with good home care.

If Dr. Lim detects signs of gum disease, he recommends a customized treatment plan that may include deep cleaning of tooth roots and elimination of bacteria and diseased soft tissue to re-establish a tight seal of gums to teeth. Tissue grafts may also be recommended if gums have receded. Three or four hygiene visits a year may be in order to keep gum disease under control, for a healthy, good-looking mouth and fresh breath.

Don’t let gum disease spoil the artistry of your smile. Preserve your unique work of art with preventive care from the dentist southwest Las Vegas trusts for effective gum disease treatment. Call Hillside Dental for an appointment with Dr. Lim. The number is at (702) 666-8584.

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