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Gum tissue restoration in South Las Vegas improves oral health and appearance

Gum tissue restoration in South Las Vegas improves oral health and appearance

Gum recession is a problem that may occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes the issue is gum disease. It is possible, however, for a person to lose healthy gum tissue to aggressive brushing technique. Dr. Christopher Lim provides personalized care to each of his patients, suggesting gum tissue restoration when this treatment seems warranted. In our South Las Vegas office, patients can rest assured their comfort is our top priority. Before any type of restorative procedure, especially those designed to treat the gums, numbing medication is administered so that no pain occurs.

Treating receded gum tissue with soft tissue grafting adds gum tissue where it has been lost. Some of the goals of that can be achieved with gum tissue restoration include:

  • An improved smile aesthetic
  • Cover exposed root surfaces
  • Put an end to sensitivity
  • Inhibit the progression of gum recession
  • Prevent root decay

Soft tissue grafting can be performed as a form of restoration, or even as a part of preventive care for individuals whose gum tissue is very thin. Regardless of the primary reason for soft tissue grafting, the results our patients experience include improved periodontal health, a more attractive aesthetic, and a greater sense of comfort and confidence.

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Soft tissue grafting made painless by your South Las Vegas dentist

Just hearing that grafting may be needed can cause a bit of stress. Dr. Lim and his team explain to patients exactly what to expect from their grafting procedure. After the application of local anesthetic, no part of the procedure is felt in a painful way. Upon completion of treatment, most people report the sensation at the donor site to feel like a burn from eating too-hot food. The temporary discomfort that may occur after treatment is easily managed with over-the-counter medication taken for a day or two.

During the few days in which gum tissue is healing, patients are advised to follow post-treatment instructions for a softer food diet and the use of specific medications for pain relief. Further instructions include gentle brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to protect the gums from recession in the future.

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Dr Christopher Lim D.M.D., Dentist in Las Vegas
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