How Often Do I Need Dental X-rays?

How Often Do I Need Dental X-rays?

By: Hillside Dental
Posted on: March 23, 2023

The American Dental Association finds dental X-rays useful in establishing the true state of your dental health. Looking into the inner condition and structures of your mouth can help your dentist determine the right treatment for your condition. The frequency of getting dental X-rays is different for every person. Here are the details about the frequency of dental X-rays that you need.


The Reason for Frequent Dental X-rays


Dentists often perform dental X-rays for some patients yearly. Your dentist may order dental X-rays more often if the dentist is keeping an eye on your dental treatment or health. Many factors may impact the frequency of your dental X-rays, including:


  • History of tooth decay or gum disease

  • Age

  • Current oral health

  • Symptoms of oral disease


You may get dental X-rays on your first visit so that the dentist can gain a complete idea of your oral health. This is ideal if you do not have dental X-rays from your former dentist. Children must get dental X-rays more often so that the dentist can keep an eye on the development of their teeth and gums. Through these X-rays, your dentist can decide if any baby teeth need pulling. Doing so can prevent adult teeth from erupting behind baby teeth.


The Frequency of Dental X-rays


Your dentist will recommend how often you must get dental X-rays. Keeping an eye on your dental health is important as your dental needs change. Here are some recommendations regarding the frequency of dental X-rays:


  • Teens and children who have a history of dental decay may need dental X-rays every six months or every year. The frequency depends on the age. It also depends on the risk of dental decay. These X-rays can help monitor the individual’s dental development

  • Patients with gum disease need frequent dental X-rays. This will allow the dentist to detect any signs of bone loss

  • Adults with many dental restorations should have more frequent dental X-rays. This can help the dentist find cavities forming underneath the restorations or anywhere else

  • Patients with dry mouth should have more frequent dental X-rays. This condition results from inadequate saliva production. Saliva keeps the mouth basic. Without it, the oral structures break down because of high acidity levels. The dentist must keep an eye on your oral structures

  • Tobacco users and smokers are prone to periodontal diseases and dental decay. The dentist must order dental X-rays to see what areas need treatment


Dental X-rays Are Safe


The latest technological improvements have given way to the latest dental X-ray machines. Proper protection against radiation has also improved through the years. Most clinics use digital technology. This is much better than conventional dental X-rays that use chemicals and take too long to produce.


Modern dental X-rays have the lowest level of radiation. They have better resolution and need fewer X-ray images. Dental X-rays often produce one quick image. It can show the dentist the different structures of your mouth.


Your dentist will recommend the frequency of dental X-rays that you need. At Hillside Dental, we work with our patients to achieve their dental health goals. Feel free to drop by our clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, for an in-person consultation. Call 702-666-8584 (new patients) or 702-895-7799 (existing patients) to set an appointment or inquire about our dental X-ray packages.

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