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Invisalign dentist turns Southwest Las Vegas smiles into works of art

Invisalign Dentist Southwest Las Vegas

Fine art is the application of skill and imagination to create something with visual beauty and emotional power. You are a one of a kind work of art inside and out, and your smile radiates that unique essence. If you aren’t confident in your smile because of uneven alignment or crooked teeth, you probably don’t show it as often as you might. You deprive yourself of the physical pleasure of smiling, and others of a glimpse into your character. Invisalign dentist, Dr. Christopher Lim, has been helping patients in Southwest Las Vegas rediscover their smiles since 2005.

Invisalign is a clearly different approach to straighter teeth. It begins with a consultation to determine if Invisalign is the best option for your smile, lifestyle, and schedule. If you have existing oral issues such as gum disease or tooth decay, Dr. Lim addresses those first. Once your mouth is in great shape, he takes precise impressions, three dimensional images, and measurements. A robust computer software program at Invisalign Laboratories uses that information to create progressive sets of aligners.

You wear them day and night (except when eating or brushing and flossing) to gradually move teeth into alignment, advancing to the next set in the series about every two weeks. Dr. Lim monitors your progress during occasional office visits. The aligners are fabricated from a thin, transparent plastic, so they have a smooth, comfortable fit. Most patients adapt very quickly to wearing Invisalign, and are able to speak clearly and drink water with the aligners in. Other people probably won’t even notice you are straightening.

In cases of significant malocclusion or bite problems, conventional orthodontics may be advisable. However, Invisalign is quickly becoming the clear choice for teens and adults in the Southwest Las Vegas area because the system is comfortable, effective, and patients look terrific while they straighten. Since the aligners are removable, you continue to eat the foods you love and keep your smile sparkling clean with just regular home hygiene.

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About Dr. Christopher Lim

Dr Christopher Lim D.M.D., Dentist in Las Vegas
Dr. Christopher Lim is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and possesses a Doctorate in Dental Medicine. As a professional and keen health care practitioner, Dr Lim is passionate on creating healthy, beautiful smiles for his patients. His primary focus is centered on providing his patients with the best gentle, compassionate care utilizing the latest proven techniques available.

Whilst being a qualified and reputed dentist, Dr. Lim is well known for his passionate and attentive nature regarding his clients’ needs. His refined skills allows for the retention and development of natural beauty in any work that is undertaken.