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Am I too old for Invisalign even if it is available near me in Las Vegas?

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The older we get, the more we may catch ourselves thinking that certain things are meant for younger people. This mindset is unfortunately applicable to smile straightening. For more than fifty years, the timing for braces has been during the teen years. This standard of practice has not changed and, as it applies to conventional braces, may be most acceptable for the teen patient. Where does this leave the adult patient who wonders, “Am I too old for braces?”

Misalignment is a concern for both the smile’s appearance and to oral health as a whole. This is true regardless of age. For that reason, a better question for any adult to ask is “Who provides Invisalign near me?” In the Las Vegas area, Dr. Christopher Lim has helped many adults discreetly achieve better oral health and a more attractive smile with Invisalign.

The correction of misalignment has become easier and far more comfortable thanks to advances in orthodontic treatments in recent years. Metal brackets and wires no longer have to be worn. Today, aligner methods like Invisalign are enabling adults of all ages to straighten crooked, crowded teeth without metal.

In the past, clear, plastic aligners were considered more of a cosmetic orthodontic treatment. Today, treatments like Invisalign are used to close gaps, straighten crowded teeth, and even correct bite issues such as overbite and underbite. The process is simple and straightforward, using the basic orthodontic principle of applied force. With Invisalign, this force is applied with removable aligners, making this treatment very appealing.

Who doesn’t love the ability to remove their orthodontic appliance for meals, important meetings, and special events? Adult patients are especially good candidates for Invisalign due to the responsibility necessary in caring for teeth and aligners throughout the course of treatment. Though aligners are designed to be removable, proper wear (22 hours a day) is vital to the completion of treatment in a timely manner.

Adults are now finding it easier and more comfortable to correct misalignment that has plagued their smile. Thanks to Invisalign, the adult who did not have the opportunity to straighten teeth as a teenager has options to improve the look of his or her smile. Invisalign treatment not only enhances the look of the smile, but also leads to better oral health with a decreased risk of cavities and gum disease.

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