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All about professional teeth whitening services in Las Vegas, NV

professional teeth whitening services at Hillside Dental in Las Vegas, NV.

The Strip in Las Vegas, NV is four and a half miles packed with beautiful people – high rollers, performers, celebrities, and business magnates – most of them flashing smiles as bright as the casino lights. Yet adults from every walk of life can have equally dazzling smiles with professional teeth whitening services from Dr. Christopher Lim and his team at Hillside Dental.

Why teeth discolor

 Enamel that protects teeth feels pearly smooth. It is, however, covered with a network of microscopic tubules. Each tooth has about three miles of these tiny channels that extend from enamel through the dentin layer, all the way to the pulp chamber. Their purpose is to carry sensations – temperature and bite pressure – to nerves at the center of the tooth. This sensory structure helps you avoid damaging your teeth.

Discoloration occurs in three ways:

  • Extrinsic – That simply means stains that come from outside forces. When you drink tea, coffee, red wine, or other dark beverages; eat berries; or use tobacco, pigments coat your teeth. While you can brush some surface stains away, you won’t reach molecules that become trapped in tubules. This gives enamel a dingy brown or grayish tinge.
  • Intrinsic – This type of discoloration originates inside your tooth. The dentin substructure of teeth is darker than enamel. As we age, enamel gets thinner from wear, allowing yellowish dentin to become visible.
  • Medical – These stains are also intrinsic, but not as common as dentin show-through. A single tooth may darken internally from trauma (such as a blow to the face), or from a root canal procedure. In other cases, medications cause dentin to grow dark.
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 How professional teeth whitening works

 In experienced hands, professional teeth whitening addresses all three types of discoloration. A prescription-strength peroxide formulation penetrates tubules, where it oxidizes. This chemical reaction loosens pigments and other debris, lifting it out of tubules. That is why some patients experience sensitivity after whitening – their tubules have been clogged for so long their teeth “forgot” what normal sensations feel like! Keep reading, though, for more information on how Dr. Lim ensures comfortable whitening experiences for his patients. Once tubules are cleaned out, the whitening agent reaches dentin, bleaching it to a lighter shade.


It takes medical-grade products and professional oversight to accomplish these results safely, bringing even the dingiest smiles to a higher level of brilliance.

 Enjoy the benefits of professional teeth whitening services in Las Vegas, NV

 Who knows your teeth better than the dentist who checks them twice a year, pores over your digital x-rays, and understands your hygiene habits and lifestyle? That is the primary reason it makes sense to trust Dr. Lim for teeth whitening.


Job number one is making sure your mouth is healthy enough for whitening. You can count on Dr. Lim’s unsurpassed professional ethics. If your teeth need repairs or you have gum disease, those conditions are addressed before cosmetic treatments are recommended. In addition, if whitening is not the best solution for your circumstances, the doctor thoroughly explains other options.

Now you are ready to whiten, and at Hillside Dental, you have choices.

Image of a Young Couple smilling with Showing Their Brighter Teeth

Maybe you need a fabulous smile – right now – for a special occasion, job interview, or big date. In-office whitening makes it happen in about an hour. Gum tissue is protected. Then a powerful bleaching agent is brushed onto tooth surfaces and allowed to work for about 15 minutes. The process is repeated several times for a smile that makes a great impression. If your teeth are sensitive, Dr. Lim may add a soothing ingredient to the formulation or suggest a post-procedure fluoride treatment to seal tubules.


Perhaps you prefer to make the transformation gradually, in the privacy of home. Dr. Lim fabricates application trays from impressions of your mouth and you receive a supply of whitening gel. Just fill the trays and insert for about an hour a day, until your teeth are as bright as you’d like. Some people prefer to whiten while they sleep, which is also safe since custom-fit trays are snug and secure. This gentle method is ideal for patients with tender teeth. Simply adjust your whitening schedule to stay comfortable.


 Dr. Lim is an artist as well as a dentist. He understands the invaluable role of aesthetics in a cultured society. It is one of the reasons he is so enthusiastic about introducing patients to professional teeth whitening services. Call Hillside Dental in Las Vegas, NV at 702-666-8584 to get started on your bright smile.


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