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Treating infection of a tooth with root canal treatment in Las Vegas, NV

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There are many conditions that can negatively impact the health of the smile. One of the most painful is an infection of a natural tooth. Inside of a tooth lies the dental pulp, which includes the blood supply and the nerves. When infection occurs in the dental pulp, patients may experience a severe toothache. Dr. Christopher Lim offers root canal therapy as a way of resolving the issue.

What is root canal therapy?

When patients hear the words “root canal,” they often cower in fear! They may have heard stories about it being painful. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Dr. Christopher Lim credits root canal therapy with eliminating the pain that patients are feeling! Root canal therapy is a procedure in which the dentist accesses the dental pulp to remove it, deadening the tooth. The inside of the tooth is then disinfected before being sealed with gutta percha and composite resin. Depending on the strength of the tooth, the dentist may also place a dental crown on top as an extra layer of protection. This keeps the tooth, which may become brittle, from breaking due to daily chewing and biting forces.

Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

Most patients are appropriate candidates for root canal therapy. Before moving forward with treatment, x-rays are taken to confirm the infection.

What is the process of root canal therapy?

  • Access to the dental pulp
  • Removal and disinfection
  • Sealing
  • Placement of crown

Dealing with infection?

If the inside of your tooth is infected and requires the assistance of a dental professional, contact the team of Hillside Dental. Dr. Christopher Lim and his staff can address infected teeth with root canal therapy. Call us at 702-666-8584 today, and visit the office at 6090 S. Fort Apache Road, Suite 120.

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