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Say goodbye to pain with root canal treatment in South Las Vegas

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In an ideal situation, we would be able to keep our teeth, gums, and body healthy all the time. The unfortunate fact is that our teeth and gums are susceptible to the many factors that occur both internally and externally. What Dr. Lim wants his patients to know is that oral health does not have to be a complicated matter. Though factors like acidity and sugar play a role in the development of dental problems, there are also preventive measures that your dentist can discuss with you to enjoy a healthier smile. If and when a problem like infection does occur, pain can be eliminated with root canal treatment in our South Las Vegas office.

Root canal one of the most dreaded dental treatments

Most people would do just about anything to avoid getting a root canal. Hearing the recommendation for this treatment, there are many who request tooth extraction instead. The reputation that root canal therapy has earned is very inaccurate. Misunderstood for many decades, the root canal procedure is very precise and very gentle, a way to get rid of pain rather than cause it. At the time when dentists first performed this treatment, the use of anesthesia was much different than we see today. In our office, local anesthetic completely numbs the treatment area, just like getting a filling, and our patients feel no pain during their procedure.

In addition to the use of anesthesia for total comfort, root canal therapy has also improved in terms of technique. Infection in the pulp chamber of the tooth is gently removed through the use of tiny instruments that fit into the root canal. Instead of feeling horrible after root canal therapy, today’s patients feel relieved to be out of pain and back on the road to better oral health.

Even with the significant improvement in materials, medication, and technique, root canal therapy continues to be very misunderstood. This treatment, however, is designed to preserve natural tooth structure, which is one of the primary goals of dentistry. Removing a damaged tooth is more aggressive in nature and leads to the need for replacement with a dental bridge or dental implant. Leaving an empty space in the mouth is also not an acceptable option due to the ramifications of extra space between two teeth.

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Between root canal therapy and tooth removal the former has fewer steps and is more quickly able to restore function and beauty through a painless process. Don’t live in pain. Call Hillside Dental to schedule your visit with Dr. Lim.

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Dr Christopher Lim D.M.D., Dentist in Las Vegas
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