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Dentist recommends stabilizing dentures with dental implants in Las Vegas

Dentist recommends stabilizing dentures with dental implants in Las Vegas

Dentures are sets of replacement teeth that fit snugly over the gums. Without the teeth, the patient may look older as the facial muscles will sag, and health can suffer as eating is limited.


There are several types of dentures:

  • Conventional – a set of dentures that is made after the gums have healed after tooth removal
  • Immediate – a set of dentures made and inserted the same day the teeth are removed.
  • Overdenture – a set of dentures that fit over a small number of natural teeth or implants

Dr. Lim often recommends overdentures. The roots of the teeth are designed to transfer the pressures of biting and chewing to the jawbone. One of the problems of conventional dentures is that when the roots of the teeth are gone, there is nothing to transfer the chewing and biting force. Implants are inserted into the jawbone in strategic points to stabilize the denture in the mouth. They also help transfer the biting and chewing forces and stimulate the jawbone to continue regenerating, thereby preserving its integrity.

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Dental implants are posts made up of materials like titanium that are compatible with the body and are surgically placed in the jawbone. The bone of the jaw will heal around the implant and hold it in place. The dentist will then fashion a dental crown that is cemented to the post. Implant restorations look and function like natural teeth.


Impressions and measurements are taken to create the new dentures to fit over the implants. Several appointments will be needed to check the fit and appearance before the final product is made.


When the denture appliance is received, good oral hygiene should be observed. Patients should make sure to brush gum surfaces, tongue, and the roof of the mouth to stimulate circulation and properly clean the denture appliance daily. Follow instructions from the dentist or dental hygienist.


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