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Teeth whitening in South Las Vegas: Comparing cost to value

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Most people in this country would like to have whiter teeth. White teeth contribute to a more attractive smile; an asset in business and social situations. Americans spend an estimated $1.4 billion annually on over the counter teeth whitening products. Are they getting value for their hard-earned dollars? Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental encourages women and men throughout the South Las Vegas area to look beyond the initial price tag.

Defining value

The term “value” might be defined as the importance, usefulness, or worth of something relative to the amount of money that must be spent to obtain it. This describes teeth whitening aptly – real value comes from the product or method that works best and most safely for the cost.

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Examining effectiveness

The dental aisle in your local grocery, discount, or drug store probably has at least a shelf devoted to teeth whitening products. Some are basic – gum, mouth rinse, toothpaste. Others – strips, gels, trays (some with light activation) – seem more advanced. However, they all work on one of two principles, either mechanical abrasion or chemical action.


Whitening toothpastes contain up to 50 percent abrasive ingredients like aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphates, silicas, zeolites, or hydroxyapatite. Used twice a day for about six weeks, they brighten teeth slightly by polishing off surface stains. Bear in mind that abrasion cannot whiten teeth beyond their natural shade. Some of these products now contain a dye called blue coverine that coats teeth, temporarily counteracting the appearance of yellowness. Over time, whitening toothpastes scratch tooth enamel. That creates additional crevices where stains hide, actually worsening the problem of dingy dentition.


Other over the counter whitening products rely on hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. Their fizzing action reaches into microscopic crevices on teeth to loosen and lift stains. The concept is good, but the strength of these products isn’t sufficient to completely remove stains and whiten teeth beyond natural color.

Evaluating long term cost

The up front cost of drug store products can be enticing, but it adds up quickly as you cycle through methods that just don’t do the job, are uncomfortable to use, or don’t fit your lifestyle. Plus there are risks of sensitivity from awkward delivery methods (trays or strips that let the product reach soft tissues and be swallowed) or misuse.


Professional teeth whitening resolves these issues for maximum long-term value. Treatment is customized for your teeth and lifestyle. Prescription strength formulations deliver a level of whiteness not possible with consumer products, and results that last a long time with good home hygiene. Plus, you get the oversight of a dentist and trained team of dental professionals.


It’s been said, “Always buy the best you can afford. You’ll never be disappointed.” Safe, effective professional teeth whitening at Hillside Dental delivers long term value that doesn’t disappoint. Call 702-666-8584 to schedule a teeth whitening consultation.

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