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Want To Know If Teeth Whitening Works And If The Cost Is Worth It? This Dentist In Las Vegas Can Help!

In today’s world of selfies and group pictures on social media, we all want our smile to look its best. Your smile shows the world who you are. If you feel that your smile isn’t telling the truth about who you are, Hillside Dental, serving the Las Vegas area, can help! Dr. Christopher Lim considers dentistry a blend of artistry and innovative dental procedures designed to give you a healthy and beautiful smile. If you are searching for a teeth whitening dentist, or even just want more information about the service, we encourage you to give us a call!


Many people attempt to use an over the counter product to whiten their teeth. However, the items sold over the counter often either aren’t strong enough to work on your stains or they end up causing tooth sensitivity. Professional teeth whitening treatments use a whitening agent, typically a form of peroxide. When a dentist oversees the whitening treatment, steps are taken to protect your gums and to ensure an even application of the whitening agent on your teeth. The solution used on your teeth works by penetrating the enamel of your teeth, lifting out stains that come from certain foods, beverages, or the natural process of aging.

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  • They work best for yellowish teeth, from stains that are caused by coffee, cigarettes, red wine, and other such substances.
  • Some stains cannot be removed using whitening treatments! That’s a reason that seeing us for your whitening treatments is best. We can determine if the stains on your teeth will respond well to it. This can save you both time and money, and also, we can give you other alternatives that will work for your specific needs. Some instances in which whitening isn’t your best option include, but aren’t limited to, grayish hued teeth or prior dental work, such as bonding or crowns.


  • In-office: This quick (about an hour!) treatment is done in our office. We carefully protect your gums and lips from the whitening agent and apply the gel to your teeth evenly. We can monitor the progress and repeat the process until we reach the desired shade you’re seeking.
  • At home treatment: We customize trays to your specific teeth. This ensures an even application of the whitening agent. You then place the bleaching gel into the trays daily and apply them to your teeth. You continue treatment until reaching the desired shade of brightness.


  • benefits to teeth whitening treatment
    Fast: People will see a noticeable difference in their teeth after just one visit. Visits generally last about an hour. Even if you require multiple visits to achieve the shade you want, each visit is quick and easy.
  • Cost effective anti-aging treatment: Whitening is considered one of the fastest, easiest, least invasive, and most affordable ways to shave years off your appearance! If you’re searching for a way to rejuvenate your appearance, try teeth whitening.
  • Improved self-esteem: When we feel better about our smiles, we feel better about ourselves. Dentists have known about this link in smile appearance and self-esteem for years now, science is beginning to back us up with more studies every year linking self-image to our smile appearance.

Reasons to visit Hillside Dental:

  • Dr. Lim is passionate about helping you love your smile again! He has been practicing dentistry for over a decade and is constantly striving to increase his knowledge and experience through continuing education. He truly sees dentistry as art and is committed to creating your healthy and beautiful smile.
  • Our commitment to comfort and convenience: From the first friendly smile you get when you enter our office to the assistance we provide in maximizing your insurance benefits, we strive to make your dental experience a pleasant one.

Get that camera ready for your next selfie! Get started on your new, beautiful smile today. Call to set up your initial individualized consultation to determine the best treatment route for you. Call us now at 702-666-8584

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About Dr. Christopher Lim

Dr Christopher Lim D.M.D., Dentist in Las Vegas
Dr. Christopher Lim is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and possesses a Doctorate in Dental Medicine. As a professional and keen health care practitioner, Dr Lim is passionate on creating healthy, beautiful smiles for his patients. His primary focus is centered on providing his patients with the best gentle, compassionate care utilizing the latest proven techniques available.

Whilst being a qualified and reputed dentist, Dr. Lim is well known for his passionate and attentive nature regarding his clients’ needs. His refined skills allows for the retention and development of natural beauty in any work that is undertaken.