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Las Vegas, NV dentist offers surgical and simple tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction Las Vegas from Dr. Christopher Lim, Hillside Dental

When patients are preparing their smiles for orthodontics, they need to speak to a professional in Las Vegas, NV about tooth extraction. Tooth extraction may also be required when patients have overcrowding or are experiencing impacted wisdom teeth. These are common situations in which patients may need to visit a dentist to discuss tooth extraction to prepare the smile for various procedures such as full dentures.

Types of extractions

Dr. Christopher Lim offers the two primary methods of extractions, including:

  • Simple extractions
  • Surgical extractions

Simple Dental Extractions

Simple dental extractions are the removal of teeth that have already passed through the gum line. By using a special tool, the dentist can wedge the tooth from out of the bone with ease. These extractions take just a few minutes and are not extremely invasive.

Surgical Dental Extractions

A surgical extraction is a more invasive oral surgery. This type of extraction is performed to remove a tooth from beneath the gum tissue. It may also be required for a tooth that has broken down below the gum line. The dentist needs to cut into the gum tissue to access the tooth and remove it, as well as any extra broken parts. This method requires stitches and is slightly more invasive, but it still a routine procedure done at Hillside Dental. Patients may be given some special post-operative care instructions following their procedure to ensure there is no risk of infection.

Tooth extraction is often necessary and can be done at Hillside Dental. Dr. Christopher Lim and the team of professionals can walk patients through the process and help them understand what needs to be done to bring the smile back to health. Call 702-666-8584 to make an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 6090 South Fort Apache Road, Suite 120.

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