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Dentist in Southwest Las Vegas discusses benefits of cosmetic care

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services Las Vegas, A Confident Smile
You probably know that a clean mouth with strong teeth is part of a healthy body. It allows you to chew nutritious foods, speak, and sleep without discomfort. Your general dentist helps to keep your mouth healthy. You could be overlooking the importance of cosmetic dentistry, though. In an area like Southwest Las Vegas where attractive faces are especially appreciated, cosmetic care carries many benefits.


Your internal definition of yourself includes perceptions of intellect, talent, kindness, and of course appearance. Self-image begins to develop early, and is influenced by all sorts of life experiences, including your reflection in the mirror.

Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques such as professional teeth whitening, natural colored fillings, bonding, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign can be used to correct most smile imperfections with relative ease.

Dr. Christopher Lim and his aesthetic team at Hillside Dental design a makeover program customized to your needs, lifestyle, and budget. When you know your smile looks great, you feel at ease using it often. Your self-image soars, and that gives you the confidence to breeze through job interviews, auditions, blind dates, and family reunions.


Your mouth is important to communication in two ways. It impacts your ability to speak clearly, an area where cosmetic dentistry plays a role. Crooked teeth, gaps, overlaps, and missing teeth contribute to lisps and other speech impediments. That has a negative impact on how you are perceived by others and on your self-image.

You also use your mouth to communicate silently. When that message is a big welcoming smile, it will be heard across a crowded room. But tight-lipped self consciousness because of unattractive teeth can be misconstrued as unfriendliness or anger.

Oral and overall wellness

The primary purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance appearance, but those procedures actually serve a dual role, also improving wellness. First, straight, evenly spaced teeth are easier to keep clean. There are fewer crevices for plaque and food debris to hide and trigger tooth decay and gum disease (which is linked to many other systemic health conditions). Second, most people who invest emotionally and financially in cosmetic dentistry take better care of their teeth for the rest of their lives. They brush and floss more diligently, reduce lifestyle habits like smoking that tarnish their smiles, and maintain regular dental check-ups.

Remember, your self-image is not fixed. Dr. Lim can help you change the mirror’s reflection and foster a lifetime of healthy self-esteem. Call Hillside Dental today at 702-666-8584 for a cosmetic consultation.