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Your Las Vegas dentist offers safe, efficient teeth whitening services

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Las Vegas Teeth Whitening, beautiful white teeth
Teeth whitening provides adults with one of the fastest, most affordable ways to make over their appearance. Dr. Christopher Lim has been providing his Las Vegas patients with teeth whitening services they can trust for several years.

What is teeth whitening, really?

Teeth whitening treatment could also be called teeth bleaching. The professional grade products used today have come about through more than 100 years of exploration. At one time, dentists tried to remove stains by etching teeth with acid. Full bleach was also tried. The solution used in dental practices today is a safe yet effective concentration of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. Safety and efficiency lie in the concentration. For this reason, it is important not to attempt whitening using DIY methods found online.

The teeth whitening procedure can be performed in the dental office while you simply sit back and relax. It can also be performed at home on a daily basis. The method that is most suitable for you will depend on your expectations and your concern about sensitivity. Peroxide can be somewhat dehydrating, leading to short-lived sensitivity to temperature changes in the mouth. This minor side effect of whitening can be better managed with home treatment. While the concentration of the whitening solution does not change, your frequency of application may be minimized to every other day rather than every day. You will still achieve the dramatic results but in a slightly longer period.

When the right bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, it will seep into the microscopic pores of enamel where tiny particles of food debris have accumulated. The buildup of these molecules blocks light, giving the illusion of dullness and discoloration. Whether in a single treatment or through daily application, bleach breaks down debris, allowing more light to reflect off of enamel. In an hour or in a few weeks, teeth appear much whiter and brighter and you feel much more satisfied with your smile.

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