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Dental Implants at Hillside Dental, Las Vegas

Today we have a whole new solution to missing teeth, providing stability and a permanent structure that mimics natural teeth. Dental implants have been used by dentists for about forty years, with original cases still going strong after decades of use. An implant may be used to replace a single missing tooth. We also use implants in conjunction with partial and full-arch dentures, with great success. Whether individually placed, or used as a base for a full denture appliance, implants offer significant benefits.

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Actual patient of Dr. Lim

Implants are ideal due to the fact that they address the entire missing tooth, not just the crown. An implant is a three-part appliance, beginning with a small titanium cylinder. This post is inserted into the jawbone where, over time, it will become fused to healthy bone tissue. This process, called osseointegration, naturally occurs over the course of three to six months.

During this time, the implant post is secured beneath gum tissue. After becoming firmly situated in the jawbone, just like a natural tooth root, we will expose the implant post and attach an abutment, a connective piece onto which a permanent crown will be affixed. The process of receiving dental implants may take a few months to complete, but the lifelong benefits of this treatment are worth the investment.

Chewing function, an attractive smile, a youthful appearance, and confidence can all be tied to natural tooth structure. When teeth are replaced with conventional methods that sit on top of the gums, there may be a lack of stability in chewing. Full dentures are known to slip or fall out, creating a lack of confidence in social situations, as well as physical discomfort.

Dental implants solve a number of problems that extend beyond the immediate restoration of chewing function and a nice appearance. Because they are anchored in the jawbone, implants are fully stable and look natural. Their position in bone tissue also provides the stimulation necessary to protect the jaw structure. What this means for the implant patient is improved facial support, where lips and cheeks can remain more youthful.

Even after the loss of natural teeth, you have the option to eat, speak, and laugh with full confidence. Dr. Lim and our experienced staff can help you regain the highest level of confidence, with dental implants as your solution to missing teeth.

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