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Hillside Dental Loves New Patients!


The philosophy we follow at Hillside Dental is that every person who visits our office is an individual, whom we address beyond a set of teeth. Our staff has been creating healthy, beautiful smiles in the Las Vegas area for several years, and continues to do so with a strong dedication to patient care.

When you visit our office, you will be treated with the utmost care, from our friendly administrative staff to Dr. Lim himself. Our office is designed to be soothing and relaxing, a welcoming environment from our waiting area to our treatment rooms. It is our goal that our patients actually look forward to visiting us!

We are happy to serve your dental needs and look forward to meeting you when you visit us for your personalized dental examination and consultation.


Our smiles are the focal point of our face, which is an important part of our overall image. The appearance of teeth is crucial to how you are viewed by others, and more importantly, how you feel about yourself.

Reports show that almost 90 percent of adults say they remember someone with an attractive smile. Just over 90 percent find an attractive smile to be an incredible social asset. Polls also show that a high percentage feel that the attractiveness of one's smile will impact his or her professional success.

Statistics show the value placed on an attractive smile. However, what society values is minor in comparison to the value of a positive self-image. We have seen people's lives changed by addressing smile concerns! If you seek improvement in your image, contact your dentist, not your stylist. We can help you enhance your smile for good.


Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way since the early days of teeth whitening. Today, we incorporate the latest techniques and materials to enhance the various aspects of the smile. Some of the concerns addressed by cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Discoloration or dullness

  • Visible fillings

  • Cracks, chips, and gaps between teeth

  • Poorly aligned teeth

  • Poorly positioned teeth

  • Unevenness

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