Endodontics Treatment at Hillside Dental, Las Vegas

Endodontics refers to root canal therapy or the treatment of your root canal. Root canal therapy is a procedure that, over the years, has developed an unpleasant association with pain. Dr. Christopher Lim has years of experience diagnosing issues that may require a root canal for patients living in or near Las Vegas, NV.


Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the inner chamber of a tooth becomes infected. The precursor to this infection is typically a cavity or fracture that has gone untreated. We encourage our patients to maintain six-month dental check-ups, allowing us to monitor the development of any potential dental problems. In many cases, problems can be handled early, with conservative treatment.

When a cavity is left to progress, bacteria move into the pulp chamber of the tooth. This tissue contains the nerve, so its infection typically results in an intense toothache. Contacting your dentist at the earliest sign of tooth pain is important to avoid the progression of infection and more severe discomfort.



Your root canal will begin with a conversation, reviewing again everything that is about to happen. Your specialist will then numb your tooth, ensuring a painless procedure. They will then use a special rubber shield to isolate the tooth, separating it from your tongue and other teeth. All damaged tooth structure is removed gently, and an opening is created in the pulp chamber. Dr. Lim uses special tools and gentle techniques to pull all pulp matter from the root canal. This area is then thoroughly cleaned and sealed.

A tooth that requires a root canal is typically weakened due to damage and infection. For this reason, a permanent crown is placed over a tooth treated with such therapy. Immediately following treatment, an impression is taken, and a temporary crown is placed. This crown should remain in place for a few weeks, but no longer. In about ten days, the permanent crown will be ready for placement and will be secured onto the tooth after a fit assessment.


In instances of extensive damage, there is sometimes not sufficient tooth structure remaining to hold a crown. In such cases, a post can be inserted into the canal of the tooth, where it will lie comfortably. Around this post, a crown buildup is designed. This base structure securely holds your permanent crown.

​​​​​​​Dr. Lim has been extensively trained to provide restorative care. You do not have to let the fear of root canal therapy keep you from eliminating painful infections. We perform this procedure with great care.

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