Clear Aligners/Ortho

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We all deserve to have a smile that is unique to us and teeth that we feel comfortable showing in our smile. This type of experience is not reserved for "the stars"; it is something you can feel every day. Our smiles are the primary feature noticed when we interact with others. This feature says a lot about us, and it makes sense to ensure we're sending the right message. If you have concerns about the appearance of your teeth, but have put off undergoing orthodontic treatment due to apprehension about comfort and appearance, we invite you to visit Hillside Dental for your personal Clear Aligners/Ortho consultation.

Clear Aligners/Ortho is an innovative teeth-straightening treatment Dr. Lim is certified to provide to our Las Vegas area patients. This program is designed with a great deal of precision and is the most discreet way to get the healthy, beautiful smile you crave. A far cry from conventional metal brackets and wires, Clear Aligners/Ortho consists of clear, plastic aligner trays that place gentle pressure on the teeth, urging them into proper position.

People are attracted to this method of straightening teeth due to its barely-there appearance, and they find great benefit in the comfort of smooth-edged aligners. We like Clear Aligners because our patients are able to eat the foods they love, and can easily complete oral hygiene practices without the obstacles of brackets and wires. Because Clear Aligners is removable, teeth can be effectively brushed and flossed on a daily basis, sustaining oral health throughout treatment.

A Clear Aligner/Ortho treatment plan is designed from a comprehensive evaluation that includes 3D computer imaging of the teeth and arches. Dr. Lim essentially creates a virtual roadmap that takes you right to your best smile. Our images are sent to the Clear Aligners lab, where aligner trays are fabricated from strong, clear plastic. Each tray will progressively move teeth into their most appropriate position with gentle pressure. Trays are worn for about two weeks at a time before they are switched for the next set in the series. In nine to eighteen months, your smile can be its very best.

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