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When Las Vegas patients need dental crowns

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The enamel on your teeth is believed to be the hardest substance in the human body, and the dentin layer underneath is also very strong. However, that doesn't mean that your teeth are indestructible. When trauma, a large area of decay, or a big filling compromises a tooth, you may need a dental crown. Most dental practices in Las Vegas can provide dental crowns, but a bit of technology and a higher level of artistry can make all the difference in your satisfaction. It's important to find the right dentist in the 89148 zip code for your dental crowns.

A crown is a tooth covering made of a strong restorative material. Historically crowns were fabricated from metal to maintain integrity against bite force. Today, though, most patients prefer lovely, luminous porcelain crowns that precisely match the shade of existing teeth.

The procedure can usually be accomplished in just two visits. First, the damaged area of the tooth is removed and the remaining structure is shaped to hold the crown. Impressions of your mouth and exact measurements are taken. That information, along with color selection, is sent to a professional dental laboratory where your crown is created in about two weeks. Dr. Lim provides an interim crown meanwhile.

When you return, the temporary is painlessly removed. Final adjustments are made to the fit of the new crown, if necessary. It is cemented into place and polished to a gorgeous luster. The crown provides chewing strength and protects the tooth from further damage.

The crowned tooth looks, feels, and functions just like the others. You care for it in the same way, brushing after meals and flossing at bedtime. Be sure to maintain regular professional cleanings and examinations so that Dr. Lim can check the condition of your crown and all of your other teeth.

If you have a congenitally missing tooth or have lost one from trauma, Dr. Lim will talk with you about a dental bridge to close the gap. This form of restorative dentistry uses crowns on the adjoining teeth to hold an artificial one in the space. The procedure is very similar to obtaining a stand-alone crown.

Dr. Christopher Lim is the southwest Las Vegas dentist known for gorgeous, natural looking crowns. Call Hillside Dental today at 702-895-7799 to become his newest patient.