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Patients restore their smiles with partial dentures in Las Vegas

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Partial Dentures in Las Vegas, A Senior Lady with Dentures
Some people think of dentures as complete sets of false teeth fitting snugly over the gums and they do not realize that there are denture appliances made for any number of missing teeth. A partial denture appliance usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum colored base. It may have a metal clasp that keeps it stable in the mouth, or may have other more natural looking connectors. This prevents the remaining natural teeth from shifting, improving health, as well as creating a more natural smile.

It can take several weeks for the dentures to be made. Once the dentist determines which appliance works best for the patient, an impression and measurements are made of the teeth, the jaw, and the way it relates to the opposing jaw. Models, wax forms, or plastic forms are created precisely to the patient's needs. A patient may require several appointments to ensure fit, color, and shape before the final product is made. Adjustments are made on the final denture as needed.

The new denture may feel bulky and slightly awkward while the patient becomes accustomed to it. The dentist will explain how to insert and remove the appliance, as this may take some practice. Some patients have been asked to wear the denture 24 hours a day at first, as this is the quickest way to find the areas that need adjustment. After the adjustments, patients are able to take the denture out before sleeping and replace it upon waking.

Excellent oral care should be maintained while wearing dentures. Patients should brush the natural teeth, gums, roof of the mouth, and tongue as normal. Dentures should be cleaned daily as well using a soft bristle toothbrush and a dentist recommended denture cleaner. The dentist will demonstrate proper oral hygiene and care of the dentures. Regular appointments to check the wear and the fit of the appliance are recommended.

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