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Save a tooth with root canal treatment in Las Vegas

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Most adults will get just 32 “permanent” teeth. Of course, they are not truly permanent. A tooth can be knocked out in an accident, lost due to advanced gum disease, or extracted because of a dental problem. Tremendous advances in modern dentistry allow several sound options for replacement of a lost tooth, but no artificial tooth looks or functions quite as perfectly as the original. Dr. Christopher Lim of Hillside Dental in Las Vegas helps patients save natural teeth with painless root canal treatment.

Why do you need your teeth?

You might be wondering, “What’s the big deal if I lose a tooth? I have plenty of others.” It is a big deal because every tooth plays an important role in the wellness of your mouth and body, and in the appearance of your smile.

Teeth are designed to perform as a full set. When one is missing, its companions shift out of position. That upsets the delicate balance of jaw joints, leading to unusual wear of tooth surfaces and potentially TMJ disorders.

It is also more difficult to keep a mouth with crooked teeth, gaps, and overlaps clean. There is increased risk of plaque and food debris hiding in crevices. That means more chance of tooth decay and gum disease.

Depending on the location, a missing tooth can also impact your ability to chew nutritious foods like lean proteins, fresh produce, and whole grains.

What is root canal treatment?

Your tooth is a living entity. The visible part is covered with a hard layer of enamel. Beneath that lies dentin, which gives the tooth strength and structure. Roots reach deep into the jaw bone to hold the tooth in place. Within the roots are pulp chambers. These canals house nerves that allow you to sense temperature and bite pressure, and pulp that brings blood flow to the tooth.

When damage or deep decay reaches a nerve, it becomes inflamed and infected. That creates pressure in the pulp chamber, triggering additional pain.

Root canal treatment:
  • Gets you out of discomfort with antibiotics, pain medication, and local anesthetic.
  • Relieves pressure by opening the tooth.
  • Eliminates the source of pain through removal of the nerve.
  • Sanitizes the pulp chamber to get rid of infection.
  • Restores ability to chew with a filling and porcelain crown.
How can a root canal save a tooth?

Once a tooth has reached an advanced stage of infection and inflammation, it usually cannot be preserved by any means other than root canal therapy. The only alternative is extraction. Root canal treatment allows you to keep your natural tooth and use it normally.

Root canal treatment is just one of the ways Dr. Lim helps patients maintain vibrant, healthy smiles. Call Hillside Dental today at 702-666-8584 to learn more.