Modern technology at Hillside Dental, Las Vegas


There is a new standard when it comes to dental care, and Hillside Dental has its finger on the pulse of changes within our field.

When you visit Dr. Lim at Hillside Dental in the Las Vegas area, you will benefit from the latest technology, including innovative diagnostic tools, precise techniques, and modern materials. Our office is designed around patient comfort, and we strive for excellent clinical and aesthetic results in all forms of treatment provided.


X-rays have long been used in the diagnosis of dental problems. Today, we benefit from digital x-ray technology. This type of imaging provides an in-depth view of the entire mouth and is more comfortable for our patients. No more biting down on several uncomfortable films. No more long stints in the x-ray room. Digital x-rays are quick, comfortable, and able to produce clear images that we can view along with our patients, showing them our findings. Digital x-rays are more comfortable and produce far less radiation, thus lowering exposure by more than 90 percent. Stored as a computer file, this technology is also gentler on the environment, as there is no chemical waste from x-ray films.


Further diagnosis is possible with the inclusion of imaging from an Intraoral camera, a tiny camera that moves easily around the mouth, giving us a real-time view of teeth and soft tissues. With this imaging technology, we are able to show patients exactly what is developing in their mouths.


Our treatment rooms are equipped with filtered water. Avoiding the use of tap water for treatments limits exposure to contaminants and germs, and facilitates a healthier environment for patient care.


Ultrasound is an amazing technology that has extensive uses. In our practice, we provide ultrasonic scaling, which eliminates the manual scraping of teeth when treating gum disease. Ultrasonic scaling is a great deal more comfortable than traditional scaling and is highly effective at smoothing the roots for a better connection with gum tissue.


Orthodontics has undergone significant advances in recent years, with Invisalign now one of the most popular ways to straighten teeth. Dr. Lim is a certified Invisalign provider, able to help teens and adults get the smile they desire without the use of metal braces.


Most people would like to maintain a brilliant white smile. In fact, our smiles are integral to our image, which is important in both social and professional settings. Zoom! is a whitening method that takes only about an hour to complete, and produces incredible results. Visit us on your lunch hour, and return to your day looking and feeling great!


Porcelain veneers are an amazing cosmetic tooth treatment, capable of completely transforming the smile. Not everyone wants to commit to the permanence of standard veneers. In such instances, the technology behind LUMINEERS is ideal. These porcelain veneers are extremely thin, requiring no alteration of natural tooth structure. With LUMINEERS, cracks, chips, gaps, and other imperfections can be masked without the removal of tooth enamel, which also means no drilling and no discomfort.

Hillside Dental continues to explore new technologies as they emerge. Our high-tech office is a perfect complement to the excellent, gentle care received from Dr. Lim and staff. Contact us for your dental exam today.

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